Thursday, May 27, 2004

Got to the Midland Matters 'ordinary citizens walk' too late to get photos of them parading in front of the Midland Center for the Arts, although we could see many exiting the line to attend the meeting as we pulled in the parking lot. They had a great turnout! Frank & I were just getting over to Midland from a CAP (Citizen's Advisory Panel) meeting about an hour away in Saginaw. It was our first such meeting and were determined to attend it! More on that later...
The two men shown in these photos stayed behind to 'man the line' as vehicles were still entering to attend the meeting... This first gentleman's sign reflects my personal sentiments to a 'T'... and the second fellow, well what can you say?

Midland has some of the most highly recognized scientists in the nation. These men and women are kind and honest, going about their business day to day, doing their jobs and raising their families in one of the most beautiful small town communities in mid-Michigan!
Imagine how insulting it is to have a bunch of bureaucratic scientists come into their town and dispute their science! You know, the thing that amazed me about the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MIDEQ) was their entourage of environmental extremists! I don't know if these people travel with them or just tag along, but they act like they are key people in the structure of these meetings. Now, isn't that funny? I guessed that before ever attending one of the meetings... and yesterday... oh lucky me! ... I attended two in a row!

Two you say? Yes... a CAP meeting (that would be Citizens Advisory Panel) in Saginaw, pertaining to our dilemma with the MDEQ and their environmentalist extremist groupies and the next meeting in Midland... about 50 minutes away!

The huge meeting room in Midland's Center for the Arts was packed! People in Midland want to know! We joined them way up in the balcony area and listened to several people answer questions that had been mailed and emailed in ahead of time. Some answers were very good... some as expected, only generated more questions which we could only ask by passing a note to ushers during the intermission period. These notes were then given to the panel for answers after intermission.

Frank & I left during the intermission figuring 6 hours of meetings with and about the MDEQ were more than enough for one day! Surprisingly, we were not alone. The parking lot was literally backed up with cars waiting to get out of there! What a blessing that 10 minute intermission was! I promise more. Right now we're about to meet with a photographer for the Midland Daily News. Meanwhile... want to see those handsome fellows up close? Just click on the pic!

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