Sunday, May 23, 2004

It's been pretty busy around here so forgive me for absences from blogging. My laryngitis is gone but the sinuses sort of took over. If you missed the Saginaw News Friday, you might want to read the article 'Hundreds await test for dioxin.'

Just for fun, here's a quote from that article:
'"Let's not underestimate perception," said David Wade, director of the environmental and occupational epidemiology division for the state Department of Community Health. "You can have the best science, but if you can't sell it to the public then what good is it?" '

My response... So we should believe everything you folks at the State level tell us... because after all, you are not biased?????

Here's another quote from Mr. Wade... '"The science is fine," he said. "We can tweak that. Our concern all along is that the study be very transparent and strongly independent of Dow Chemical." '

How in blazes do you 'TWEAK' science? Now tell me... would YOU trust this man and his cohorts? I don't!!!

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