Sunday, June 06, 2004

CAP Meeting - May 26, 2004 4:00 pm-6:00 pm... I had to digest this before I could tell you about it. Prior to the meeting I introduced myself to a few individuals. One of them was Michelle Whatsername. Yes I recognized her because everytime anybody has comments about dioxin in the newspaper or television, she is always there to give her opinion. She told me her news announcer friend, Terry Camp, said she should challenge me to a discussion on TV. Do I look like I enjoy being tortured? I don't think so!

Although Cheryl Howe opened the actual meeting, it was difficult for a newcomer like me to know who was running the meeting. There was a guy in an orange t-shirt who acted like he was running it, but when Cheryl told him to be quiet because she was the meeting moderator, I realized he wasn't. I don't think he was DEQ because they were appropriately dressed. Although they had an agenda there was not much opportunity for a newcomer to ask questions. I was told... numerous times..... that I should have attended previous meetings and that they didn't have time to answer my questions during this meeting. (I guess they were in a hurry to finish the meeting so they could speed over to Midland for the 7:00 meeting at the Center for the Arts because they were all there by the time we arrived in Midland.)

A skinny gray fellow in a gray suit advised me he would answer all my questions after the meeting, so when it was finished he bolted straight for me and cornered me near the exit. He tried the door to another meeting room but it was locked so there we stood. He had me literally up against the wall! He was way too close within my bubble of comfort for any stranger, let alone someone I consider my adversary, as he blathered away his 'party line' which I have read dozens of times already.

When he was finished he just stood there... too close..... and stared just beyond me, at what I do not know! Finally I asked him... 'What is your name again?' to which he responded, 'Andrew Hogarth; you know, the person who wrote the second letter from DEQ to your friend Heinzman.' Then we left for the DEQ meeting in Midland.

What did I learn from this meeting? I learned that I wish I had begun my dissention against this group sooner!!! There is nothing scarier than an extremist of any kind on a mission and these people are both! Just a little FYI..... I have had blogs and websites on the internet for several years with nobody bothering me. Since catching the attention of these environmental extremists I've had 4 incidents of which I am aware! The first incident - Somebody hacked my identity. After that incident I discovered a Yahoo group with the extremist viewpoint about our dilemma. I no longer recommend Yahoo email because their security is not good. In the past two weeks I've had three (3) incidents involving somebody trying to change my Blogger passwords. I know this because Blogger does provide good security, so far. Today I learned there is another environmental extremist website... this one is following my lead and using Blogger for his format. Do you suppose..... ?

Almost forgot! MDEQ said they will notify all present parties with details of the next meeting. I think that's when they will give us minutes from the meeting we just attended. Ms. Howe promised to mail some information to me. I haven't received it yet. Also another young lady promised to mail a DVD of aerial photos of a flood on the Tittabawassee River floodplain to my husband. Since then we received an email from her. Mr. Hogarth told her we have to buy it from the company that produced it.

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