Monday, June 20, 2005

Lawsuit? The Henrys Just Don't Get It, Do They?

..Here they are again... in the Midland Daily News... Plaintiffs: Let dioxin suit move forward... whining that they want to get their lawsuit against Dow Chemical going again. They're whining that they're willing to wait for the Supreme Court ruling on the medical thing... but they want to get on with the residential value thing. They are whining because they 'accepted that moving the two proposed classes of Tittabawassee flood plain residents forward in tandem would save court costs.' They're whining about the 'the ongoing, state-mandated interim response activities Dow is conducting along the flood plain.' They're whining that those of us who are not plaintiffs should not be in contact with Dow because we are potential plaintiffs.

Isn't it about time this tail quit trying to wag the dog???! Don't the Henrys realize that filing frivolous lawsuits is a big waste of taxpayers' money... and a drain on our already overburdened judicial system? Don't the Henrys realize that the majority of residents do NOT want to be included in their frivolous lawsuit.. and many of us just want to know the results of the University of Michigan study on effects of dioxin in the environment before we make any decisions on the subject? Don't the Henrys realize that if they and their environmental extremist leaders from the Lone Tree Council hadn't made a big fuss about all that big bad dioxin issue, their home values wouldn't have decreased... if indeed they have! Don't the Henrys realize that the majority of people in the Tittabawassee River floodplain have lived here for generations and still are among some of the healthiest people in the United States?

If the Henrys and their environutty friends hate the area so much, why don't they just sell their places to Dr. Shaheen and move off to some other country that is chemical-free... perhaps join Greenpeace in setting up their own country somewhere in the rainforest or perhaps the arctic? I reiterate... The majority of people in the Tittabawassee River floodplain do NOT want to sell our homes... or sue Dow... or be called a 'facility.' Furthermore, we are healthy, happy, and kicking!

...and about that guy giving a speech at Delta College... just an FYI... I do NOT plan to waste my time listening to this guy. I recommend you don't either. If you want to know more about his topic, just Google it. I've heard there was no community involvement whatsoever in the situation he plans on talking about.

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