Saturday, June 18, 2005

Thank you Dow Chemical and Murin Contracting...

and Annette from AKT Peerless.
'Ya mean I have to purchase and plant my own flowers?
Here's to my extremist environmentalist critics out there who say I am paid by Dow. Well, I wasn't. Now, thanks to the 'framework,' the 'interim remediation' process, MDEQ's dictatorial methods, and my husband Frank's insistence, you can consider the new landscaping my 'paycheck' for expressing my personal beliefs about the so-called dangers of dioxin... if there is any in my backyard.

I must admit I'm excited about it now! Murin is local to the Freeland area and that is why we chose them out of the three approved contractors. I'm glad we did. They did an excellent job and all the people are great! They did a fantastic job, don't you think? See the whole Remediation Album here. As I say at top of the album, 'To avoid dissolution of our 49-3/4 year marriage, I agreed to allow 'remediation.'' ...and I'm glad I did. Now I'm going shopping for some flowers! ...and I still don't know if there is or was any dioxin out here in the backyard... and furthermore, I don't care!
Happy, healthy, and still kicking, Shirley

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