Thursday, June 30, 2005

More on the Homeowners Rights Bill...

.. I love the Midland Daily News online! You get to give your opinion right now... and of course I did - Act could help frustrated homeowners. Some people though, I just can't figure. For instance *this one guy says... the 'same cast of charactors' exists over on 'the other side' too! Duh! That's why it's controversial. I'll bet his home wasn't deemed a 'facility' by MDEQ. Do you suppose he knows what 'due process rights' really are? We were told we were guilty of owning a 'facility' even though nobody ever tested our property. Doesn't he know that this is still the United States of America and residents are still innocent until proved guilty? I suppose he also supports the 'Reverse Robin Hood Decision' made last week by the U.S. Supremes!

*this one guy says: The individual's name was removed per his request.


Fred Stoll said...

I voiced my opinions on another site, you read them and then you come to this site to complain about my comments, basically behind my back. What is the word that is used to describe someone that talks behind someone’s back?

In the future, if you want to challenge my opinion and comments do it on the site that I post them, or you can directly email me at . After all someone that talks about due process, should exercise them.

Have a good day and good health.

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