Thursday, June 16, 2005

Unreliable EPA Data...

..I first read about it at the Washington Post online, titled: EPA Data Not Reliable, Business Lobby Says: Following is a direct quote from that article. Who could say it better?"
In filing a petition at the EPA a year ago, the chamber noted, for example, that a numerical value for a benzene compound differed by a factor of more than 10 billion from one EPA database to another. Such discrepancies, it said, have led to 'serious mistakes and erroneous conclusions' affecting estimates of how chemical exposure affects human health, what prevention measures are necessary and how much solving the problem should cost. It also charged that EPA's peer reviews did not uncover the mistakes."
Murin Company begins remediation work in our yard today. Look for more about this tomorrow. If these guys are as good as they are prompt, I will recommend them highly!

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sherle said...

so far... so good! a good crew... friendly & courteous young men!