Tuesday, July 19, 2005

'Facts' - 'Truth' - and Kudos about Dioxin...

jpg. copy of Dr. Varner's July 17 letter to the editor of the Saginaw News. Click to read it. Facts: Just now getting caught up on the newspapers. Frank & I had a great 4-day weekend vacation at the lake, entertaining and visiting with some of our daughters and their families. Imagine my surprise when I read the Sunday July 17, 2005 Saginaw News and found an article by 'guest columnist,' Dave Linhart! This guy doesn't even live in Michigan! What business does he have attacking Dr. Shaheen, an icon and role-model to people throughout the entire Saginaw valley. You'll find the article here:
Column downplayed the dangers of dioxin

The guy really is an example of listing 'facts' with no regard for 'truth.' I will say no more because after writing this blog I need to get a letter out to the editor of Saginaw News and don't want to 'scoop myself.'

Truth: Could not find Dr. Varner's letter to the editor on MLive version of SN so you can read it right here. Click on the version shown to the left and you can read it in actual size. Dr. Varner, like Dr. Shaheen, knows the difference between 'facts' and 'truth.' I haven't read Greg Iles' book, mentioned by Dr. Varner but the doc sure gets his point across in a few words.

Kudos: Another email from our friend Bill.
Reader response to your most recent TRVoice blog .... and responding to your insightful question: Is dioxin only dangerous 'because the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says so?'

BINGO! and because the source is supposedly those big, bad evil corporations who must have no conscience or consideration for the community."Dioxin now comes from individual people (the #1 source today from burning barrels) and notice the disregard, apathy and total lack of interest the enviros exhibit over this SOURCE of dioxin."

Double head in sand by enviros, who continue to solely chase corporations about legacy dioxin emissions, stopped over 20+ years ago, while not lifting a finger about CURRENT release of dioxins into the environment by the masses with burning barrels.

How do experienced enviro movement elders explain this logic to their newbee children entering the movement?!? The SOURCE is more important than the actual contamination?!? This must be some high level Enviro Logic #700 level course that I cannot comprehend.
Bill Egerer

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