Friday, July 29, 2005

A few heroes...

...turned out yesterday to once again defend the ordinary residents of our state. Yes!! These are the guys riding in on their white horses to protect homeowners in Michigan from the giant bully bureaucracy that goes by the name of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Representatives John Moolenaar and Roger Kahn, along with Senator Mike Goschka told us they are 'seeking a formal ruling by the Michigan attorney general regarding the legality of the state’s abrupt new tactic on designating contaminated property.' Read the press release - Lawmakers to AG: Did Granholm administration break the law? - at Representative Moolenaar's website. You can also view a Real Media video on his homepage.

These guys are Michigan homeowners themselves. They're fed up with the extremist elements in MDEQ who insist on disenfranchising homeowners by arbitrary rule-making. MDEQ leaders are going after homeowners with a vengeance as I have seen in reading the activities of MDEQ throughout the state.. from the sand dunes to the wetlands and of course in our own Titabawassee River floodplain.

Apparently the Powers That Be in DEQ feel a need to continue persecuting homeowners, ruling with an iron hand. As I've said before Mr. Chester, the director of MDEQ told me in company with others in a meeting with Lt. Governor John Cherry, that MDEQ could not change the 'facility' designation... that it must go through legislation. Now he has decreed a change in meaning of the word... AFTER House Bill 4617 was passed and Senate Bill 390 is ready to go through hearings and Senate vote! Why does he want to stop the legislation? Does it have to do with Power? I urge you... whether you live here in our area of concern or across the state of Michigan... Your property is 'at risk' as far as MDEQ is concerned. If they can rule what happens in my backyard, they can do it with yours.

Please contact your Senator and ask him/her to support Senate Bill 390. Locate your Senator here.

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