Thursday, July 28, 2005

Put trust in stakeholders... playing catch-up... goes the heading in my letter to the Editor Saginaw News published on July 26. I wrote that letter in response to a guest columnist article printed July 17. (Reference my blog Tuesday, July 19)

Saginaw News has a new column, written by Brenda Weigand. She just began writing for SN this past week and she is so new that her name is not yet listed on the MLive version of The Saginaw News. Since I couldn't find her online you can read the copy I scanned for sharing with you. Titled 'Doc' Shaheen's Actions Show He Cares About Community, Ms. Weigand draws a picture of a caring man who happens to be a physician... especially remembering him as her own family's doctor for several generations. If you do not know Dr. Shaheen, you need to read this. It sure put the doctor's offer to purchase waterfront 'contaminated' property in perspective. Anybody who thinks he has ulterior motives just doesn't know the 'doc!'

and then, yesterday I read the Midland Daily News July 26 online edition. Our View discusses the decision by MDEQ's director to change the rule defining the term 'facility.' Since the litigant involved in beginning all this dioxin fear-mongering left a comment there, I just HAD to respond also. You will find the July 26 MDN 'My View' column at

Where will it end? I do not believe the people who started this thing want to know if dioxin actually causes serious health problems in humans. It is so much easier to extrapolate from animal studies and 'assume' and 'infer' results. So here I am... happy and very healthy in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. Where are the sick people?

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Lew Scannon said...

Gee, you make it sound as if dioxin is healthy! While I agree with you that testing on animals produces different results than the affects on humans, I wonder if you would be willing to take a healthy swig of dioxin. Do you fish in the river and eat your catch. What about all the cleft palates born to children of Dow workers in Mills Township.
Why worry about that, your children and grandchildren will never be affected by pollution, right?