Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Old CAP - Why Environutz Don't Like the New One...

Lone Tree does not like the new MDEQ/Dow CAP concept. Find their explanation of the original CAP at: the website created and maintained by the lead litigant against Dow in the local wannabe class action suit: The TRWatch diagram for success with DEQ. Beyond the fact that they figured they will 'direct traffic' in these meetings, look at the box titled 'Community Advisory Panel' shown here. I attended the last 'original' CAP meeting last year and observed the Who's Who.

Residents: The only participating residents were the Henry's and one loud-mouthed guy in a faded t-shirt who acted like he was running the meeting until Cheryl Howe reminded him that she was the meeting facilitator. Frank & I & Howard Vasold were there but were repeatedly encouraged to ask no questions. There were a couple of other interested parties not on the litigant list and many who ARE.
Environmental Groups: Michelle Heard-Rhetoric walked about as the gracious hostess. Since that meeting I notice they've pulled in as many other environutz as they can muster... these groups, of course, are NOT local stakeholders/property owners!
Local Governments: Don't recall seeing anybody from Midland or Saginaw. Freeland was represented by Brian Kischnick, Township Manager, and Rick Hayes, Trustee responsible for Parks & Recreation. Ken Kasper, Township Supervisor and a litigant in the frivolous lawsuit, was noticably not present but one of his two appointees was present and spoke up when called upon. Both of Kasper's appointees appear to be friends of the Lone Tree gang, a matter which Len Heinzman and I were attempting to remedy by asking Kasper to appoint us for a 'fair and balanced' group. This did not happen although Kischnick and Hayes are supportive of our efforts and were instrumental in gaining support of the entire Tittabawassee Township Board of Trustees, minus Ken Kasper who doesn't seem to be available for votes associated with the dioxin issue.
Local Health Departments: Don't recall any at that meeting, although the Saginaw County Department of Health representative had told me he would be unable to attend that meeting. This meeting did include, however, a presentation by a member of the Michigan Health Department.
County Boards of Commission: Huh?
County Parks: I observed representatives from Saginaw and Freeland were present. Since then... at the NEW MDEQ/Dow CAP, Ruth Averill, who is no longer an elected official in Tittabawassee Township, noted that she was 'representing county parks'... obviously her effort to stay involved.
Business Interests: Saginaw Chamber of Commerce - Veronica Horn.
Others As Identified/Needed: That would be Frank & I and Howard Vasold. Len Heinzman was out of town and unable to attend this particular meeting. I guess you might say we were definitely NOT Identified... but definitely NEEDED!
Midland Matters and Bill Egerer were busy getting ready for a meeting that same evening at the Midland Center for the Arts in which MDEQ, who had 'wet their feet' by trampling on little ol' Tittabawassee Township, planned to make their grand march into Midland immediately following the CAP meeting.

Don't Forget there is a meeting this evening, set up by MDEQ and Dow:

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D. will speak on "Health Effects of Dioxin."

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