Thursday, December 15, 2005

Democracy is working in Iraq...

..Will it work in Michigan, U.S.A.? Residents are vocalizing our wishes to Governor Granholm. We want her to sign and pass the Homeowners' Rights bill - HB-4617S-4. A bunch of special interest lobbying groups are encouraging her to veto it. Although those groups say they represent citizens, they represent their own special interests! Be careful where you donate your money folks. You may think you are supporting the environment.... but, are you? The only environmental organization I've seen worth supporting is There may be others but... well, Frank & I have actually supported some of the 22 organizations the Lonetree gang joined up with so they could gang up on Governor Granholm... and I'm really sorry we did!

  • The Governor's opinion webpage is back up.
  • If you haven't already, tell Governor Granholm to pass HB-4617S-4 using contact information on our right panel - printed in alert red.
  • Our co-founder, Len Heinzman, was a guest of Art Lewis on WSGW yesterday, along with a representative from the lonetree gang. If I'm lucky I'll get a copy of that broadcast to share with you.
  • Today Art Lewis received many phone calls from residents affirming their agreement with Len's viewpoint, which is of course, the viewpoint of Tittabawassee River Voice.
  • If you have a moment, read Midland Daily News' Our View: Granholm needs to protect homeowners. I've been so busy responding to the reader opinions there that I think I forgot to link this December 12 article here for you to read! If you want to see how some people are misinformed and my responses to them, be sure to read all six of the reader opinions.

Keep on truckin' folks!!! If Ms. Granholm doesn't want to listen to real residents, well... onward to Lansing and Plan B!!! As Tiny Tim said, 'God bless us one and all!'

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