Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Granholm Doesn't Care About, or Listen to, Residents...

...READ IT in The Saginaw News. The Governor doesn't listen to the whole story and she doesn't care! While running around the world on taxpayer dollars under the guise of creating jobs, and declaring 'cool cities' so she can give away more of the taxpayers' hard-earned money, she loves to smile for the camera along with a few residents (usually children) but certainly is NOT listening to the residents!

Governor, you may think you're 'winning battles' through your power of veto but you may very well be 'losing the war' for attaining a second term! President Bush recently said 'Government doesn't make jobs, people do.' ...and he's right, even if he is a Republican!

What do you think you will attain by bringing Japanese car building to Michigan? I'll tell you - You are doing the competition a favor while demolishing local industry! Isn't that happening already with Delphi and General Motors?

What do you think you will attain if you veto HB-4617S-4?

  • You might satisfy a few 'old-style' environmental extremists for another day. Do you realize the new environmentalist style is to work WITH the polluter, just as Jim Sygo and Lt. Governor Cherry have been doing? This action does NOT satisfy your old-style environmental friends. Your old environmental friends are never satisfied.
  • You will allow MDEQ to continue to devalue residential property with their dictatorial, non-scientific practices. Do you realize that the Michigan Department of Public Health study published last summer showed that fully 34% of the residential properties that MDEQ declared 'facilities' in that study did NOT contain dioxin? Read my commentary about it here.
  • You will continue to drive jobs OUT of Michigan.

Governor Granholm, don't you realize that we ALL care about our environment? We just don't think you should allow the MDEQ to denigrate tax-paying property owners in the State of Michigan by saying we live in toxic waste dumps without proving it. Pass the Homeowners' Rights legislation and make MDEQ admit we still live in the United States of America and we are actually innocent until proven guilty!

Residents: Don't let her threat to veto HB-4617S-4 discourage you! Let her know how you feel.

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