Monday, December 12, 2005

Tell Governor Granholm to Sign Homeowners Rights Bill Today

How to contact Governor Granholm - below and in right panel.
What does Len have to say about the bill? - Listen to Len
What does Shirley have to say? - Listen to Shirley
... read this article if you are still not convinced..
...or read Our View: Granholm needs to protect homeowners in today's Midland Daily News.
... then go here and tell the governor to sign HB-4617S-4
or tell her by phone at 517-335-7858


Nat said...

Done! and my co-workers also submitted their comments.

Anonymous said...

I called and emailed the governor, telling her that the MDEQ must be controlled, as they continue to take unwarranted and intrusive actions.

We need some independent, qualified scientists to review the issues - MDEQ has failed miserably in this task!

Keep up the good work.