Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Looks like jenny granholm done joined up with the econutz!

Too bad.... so sad..... She's worried about our health? She hasn't met any of us. How can she have any idea about our health? She's only met up with the greedy!

I just today read an article: Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG Affects Gene Expression of Breast Cancer Cells Transformed By the Carcinogen 7,12- Dimethylbenz[a]Anthracene1-3 about green tea as a new and wondrous thing! I already had heard from national news sources that green tea is 'good for you' and was drinking one cup per day for several months when I heard a new bit of news. That was the study that showed green tea can reduce the amount of iron in your blood.

Because my doctor had been treating me for low hemoglobin by prescribing massive doses of iron (with nasty side effects I might add) - I decided to stop my one cup per day green tea habit. I've not yet had my blood checked since the change but notice my skin no longer gets the little 'explosions of blood' under the surface that no doctor was able to explain. Coincidence? I think not. Bottom line = Green tea is good for rats.

This is the way of so many things - healthy or unhealthy? Rats are not human and that's a fact! Remember the big bad Dow Corning people making those nasty artificial breasts that were 'making people sick?' Well - after Corning went bankrupt somebody decided silicon doesn't make people sick so now that Dow Corning paid out all that money to the greedy they can make artificial breasts again. Jenny is over there glad-handing Dow Corning and little girls are getting new boobs for Christmas presents.

Cross out the word silicon - insert the word dioxin - same story. The greedy ones want to hurry up and get their money through their lawsuit (currently on hold again) before tests on people come out with what all of us long term residents of the Tittabawassee River floodplain know... the dioxin in this floodplain doesn't kill people!

Ain't life grand?

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