Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Good morning Michigan!!!

King Steve is on the loose now!!!

She has pushed away our jobs... Michigan is now third only to the other most devastated States, Missouri and Louisiana. The difference is - Mother Nature did the dastardly deed to them. Ms. Granholm did it to Michigan!!!

She's running around spending our money like it grew on grapevines...

  • traveling to Japan to give more business to foreign car makers.
  • dumping money off in depressed areas, calling them 'cool cities' as though free money will motivate the gang elements and hard core unemployed - yeah right, guv!
  • 'creating jobs' by taking more of our money to hire out government-paid construction projects.

Who is 'she?' Oh! Jennifer Granholm, Michigan's failed attempt at letting this woman run the state.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, it was Dow that polluted the Midland area with dioxin, not the Governor. If you want to blame anyone, blame them for their unwillingness to clean up their mess. Quit making excuses for their pollution.