Thursday, December 08, 2005

Grassroots Action Needed... protect our backyards from government invasion! Our legislators got it going. HB-4617 passed in the House of Representatives; the Senate reviewed it and made a few changes, so now it's back to the House for approval of the changes... then off to Governor Granholm. If you want to read it, here is the document:

The Lone Tree Gang is running scared now! I don't know why they want DEQ vilifying us with their assumptions about contamination in our residences... I don't know why they want non-elected bureaucrats from DEQ running our State... I don't know why they don't believe in sound science... but now Lone Tree is once again twisting words around to make their little group's goals sound like truth! They have launched a last desperate attempt to get Governor Granholm to veto the bill!

We the people have spoken. Our elected legislators heard us and responded with legislation to keep the Department of Environmental Quality from making assumptions about our residential properties without ever seeing any samples of our property. Now the few 1970's-based environutz want the Governor of Michigan to go against our desires. We need to contact her and let her know that our elected representatives actually represent us! We need to tell Governor Granholm that we want the Homeowners' Rights bill (HB-4617 as amended by the Senate) passed.

Contact Governor Granholm. Tell her we feel it is imperative to get this legislation passed, not just to protect the homeowners but to protect our jobs here in Michigan!

  • Phone Governor Granholm: (517) 373-3400 or (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
  • Send Governor Granholm an email sharing your opinion or you can go to:,1607,7-168-21995-65331--,00.html and fill in the opinion form provided. It will go via email to the governor's office.
  • Fax Governor Granholm at: (517) 335-6863
  • and then write to Governor Granholm confirming your support for the Homeowners' Rights legislation, HB-4617, as amended by the Senate: Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, Michigan 48909
  • Send me a copy of your letter, email or fax so I can compile our efforts. Our email address is .
click this form to read what shirley had to say to Governor Granholm today. Here's what the form looks like. Click on it and see what I sent via that form today. You don't have to say much. She just wants to know what WE want! Just tell her how you feel about the issue.

Maybe then we can truly relax and enjoy the good life here along the Tittabawassee River floodplain! ...and let us not forget, people - the Lone Tree Gang are the people who believe in freedom of speech, as long as they are the ones speaking!!!! The Lone Tree Gang is the gang who told ME to shut up at a public meeting! Let's show them that the majority still rules. Let's encourage the governor to pass this legislation.

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