Friday, June 18, 2004

Another fact about dioxin...The EPA, FDA and other agencies note that since dioxin accumulates in animal fats, following normal dietary recommendations for a healthy, low-fat diet is the best way to reduce the potential for dioxin exposure. Wow! Am I ever glad I've been buying the leanest of ground beef for years... What a great thing that I've never been able to tolerate the 'flavor' of all that soft mushy fat on my meat! I always skin my chicken before cooking it and also trim the fatty stuff from fish servings! Do you realize the Pilgrims used to make candles out of the fat from meat? Just imagine what that does to your arteries... forget the dioxin in the fat!

You can even grow veggies in your backyard... even if MDEQ calls your backyard a facility..... just be sure to wash them prior to eating them! Gee I never liked the taste of dirt anyway!

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