Thursday, June 24, 2004

I just had to get this latest Midland Daily News Article up for you... just in case you don't read it every day. I even had to cheat a little. The online newspaper doesn't include the photo. Danielle Rappaport did such a great job I scanned the photo from today's newspaper and included it with the article. Kathie Marchlewski once again did a fabulous job of reporting!Here it is: Citizens want to be heard

Glad I checked my email again tonight!!! Just in from Bill Egerer... Thank you Bill! ... published in the Detroit News: Regulatory agency threatens Michigan jobs with action against Dow Chemical, by Doug Roberts Jr., director of environmental and regulatory affairs for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

I hope you're listening, Governor! There's more to governing a state than naming 'cool cities' and checking out all the fun places to visit!

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