Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Dioxin Fact of the Day: Through regulation and voluntary efforts releases of dioxin to the environment have been dramatically reduced.

Some of us attended a regularly scheduled meeting of the Tittabawassee Township Board yesterday. As a last minute thing, the Board presented their proposed resolution of support for our position on the dioxin issue. It was not published anywhere! Michelle Whozitz and a couple of her adoring followers showed up. Michelle is NOT a resident of Tittabawassee Township or even of Saginaw County!

Election time is near folks! Votes were taken by board members on several agenda items... not the Resolution; it was tabled. The same people consistently voted against issues... If you care what happens in our Township, attend some of these meetings. See how individual board members are voting concerning our property!!! Ken Kasper keeps the meetings going like... well, like clockwork! Consider it time well-spent and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting... and at the voting booth! You might be surprised.

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