Thursday, June 03, 2004

Governor Granholm apparently is totally unaware of this big ol' dioxin issue going on in the tri-city area! I know she never responded to my letter... and probably didn't even read it. Read all about HER interests in Michigan here:
The 2004 Mackinac Policy Conference will be better than ever with an agenda guaranteed to be thought-provoking and fun. This year the Chamber is focusing on issues critical to our state and our region. We'll talk about manufacturing and global competitiveness. Do we have the edge to attract and retain the workforce of tomorrow? We will hear from regional and national leaders on this issue and more.

We'll have some other surprises in store that you'll hear more about as we get closer to the conference. See you on the island!

Yup, she's partying down with the Detroit fatcats while we are here fighting for our homes! Sure, Governor, you care alright!

I just wrote another letter to her. It's going out via snail-mail today... also sending a copy of it to her via email (although my last one 'bounced'). FYI... you can read it here.

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