Sunday, June 27, 2004

'Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm has talked with Dow executives, community leaders and state lawmakers. This week, she is scheduled to meet with environmentalists and citizens.' from Saginaw News June 21, 2004

THAT was before she actually met with Bay City's own environmental extremist Michelle Chicken-Little and her pitiful entourage of sadsack doom & gloomers, some of whom actually ARE residents of the Tittabawassee River floodplain. This angers me and many other residents! First of all, the actual residents tagging along with Michelle do NOT represent the majority of us!

Marcia Woodman no longer tends a vegetable garden. Even when the weather is nice, she tells her children, Molly, Michael and Mackenzie that they can’t play in the yard. Midland Daily News, June 23, 2004 I did notice, however, that Michelle has started dragging along a higher class of litigants... at least Marcia fits a higher class on my list. If she is the woman who so often assisted my husband through his rehabilitation after heart surgery, I know her to be a kind, considerate and knowledgeable young woman. Actually, it disheartens me to see her included in Michelle's angry little group. "My biggest concern is my children and health effects," Marcia continues... "Nobody is exactly sure what will happen. Something might show up in my children’s children."

Marcia darlin', look around you. See the people, not the hype! We have lived on the floodplain for over 45 years! I'm sure dioxin was in the soil back then too... especially since the bad chemical giant has already been cleaning up their act these past few years. Our children are fine... any medical problems are related to genetics, not dioxin, and we know that because Frank's health problems are those he inherited from his mother! Our children's children... the oldest is twenty years old, the youngest is twelve... fine healthy kids! That is probably genetic too.

Check with the rest of my group of approximately 1,840 residents... those of us not jumping on Chicken Little's bandwagon! Didn't you learn in Biology 101 about the scientific method? First identify the problem. Many of our 1,840 are long-term residents... like Frank & I and our kids..... some go back even longer! Show us the people sick from all those years of dioxin in the soil before DEQ even existed... even before the U.S. EPA was so powerful! We ain't happenin' ladies! Believe the science. Believe the truth. Don't believe the crap your boogey man Lonetree is dishing out!

...and a note to Ms. Granholm... Do you want a second term as governor? Then why don't you listen to the majority of residents... not just the group hand-picked by your favorite little environmental extremist group!

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