Friday, October 08, 2004

Ah the POWER!!!

No-show 'weed' may alter drain
Okay, so there is no weed there to protect, but the DEQ will protect it anyway!!!

State asks city to relocate water main near dam site Hey the DEQ can do anything they want!!! Move your water main, darn it! The DEQ wants to 'do their thing.'

Michigan gives York trash green light for now
Oh yes... the great 'protectors' of Michigan's wetlands, dunes, county drains, ditches and air... is there anything I didn't cover? Just what we need in our beautiful state... more garbage!!!

Oh yes... then there was this article last week: Michigan okay with our trash... this from Toronto!

Meanwhile out in the backwoods of Howell, Michigan a lone man prowls the wetlands... looking for trouble. Big cities are welcome to bring their garbage and dump it in Michigan but watch out for this guy! Read Man polices county wetlands.

Then there's that group of articles in the Detroit Free Press last week... Battle rages over cleanup of Dow's toxic legacy. A friend gave me the hard copy even though I told him I could read it all online. Thanks, Larry! Glad you gave it to me. I would have been deprived from seeing the infamous photo of Mrs. Henry riding her lawnmower around her yard wearing a mask to protect herself from breathing in dioxin!!! She has no qualms about breathing in the poisons in her cigarettes! I guess she has to take off her mask to take a drag on her cigarette, eh?

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