Friday, October 29, 2004

A Tip for Bird Lovers...

While we wait for MDEQ and Dow to tie up loose ends (hopefully by their deadline of October 31)... and come to an agreement, here's a little bird feeder tip. We've tried 'squirrel-proof' feeders and so far none proved effective against the bushy-tailed little raiders. This year I suggested we try something new. We strung an old-fashioned clothesline across the deck and tied feeders off across the middle. So far squirrels and chipmunks have been unable to walk the tightrope! We laid a board under the feeders and fill a wooden feeder on it to serve juncos, mourning doves, and our little rodent beggars too! Who'da thunk it, eh? In the background... a field of soybeans. Without soybeans I couldn't have my MorningStar Farms sausage with a farm-fresh egg on an English muffin for breakfast!

Don't forget to vote Tuesday! I already voted because I won't be able to run over to the voting booth on November 2... first time ever with an absentee ballot, but I've never missed an election in 47 years and wasn't about to this time!

If you haven't yet read Dr. Carson's letter to the public in either the Midland Daily News or The Saginaw News, here is a link to Dow's online copy of Understanding Dioxin Concentrations in Blood.

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