Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My house circa 1912...

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Howard Vasold gave me a copy of this photo taken of 'my house' around June 1912. The original house was actually built around 1858. When we moved here in summer 1960, there was an outhouse about where the fellow is sitting on what looks like the top of a building... the same outhouse? I don't know! Howard says the water was within 15 feet of the kitchen... toward the barn. They had to bring their milk over in a boat for two days!

Today Howard showed me a list he is keeping on his computer... of residents along the river and their ages at time of death. Well, many of them are actually still alive... at the age of 90 and older. One lady who lived along this river during the time of this photo is now 105 years old, still living in a nursing home!

The house? When the girls were small we remodeled the south end and added rooms to the north end. After they moved out we redid the south end again because the foundation was crumbling. Matter of fact, we were remodeling (and using the downstairs for our bedroom) when we woke up with the Tittabawassee River literally at our feet.

...now about all that big bad boogey man chemical... dioxin... Gee maybe I'll still be around at the age of 105... if I don't get hit by a beer truck!

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