Sunday, October 24, 2004

Let's give dioxin a dose of science

Let's give dioxin a dose of science... need I say more? What a team! Thank you, Midland Daily News, for publishing, once again, the voice of reason! We refuse to have our homes defiled by a bunch of environutz on a mission!

Howard Vasold tells me there is also an article by Dr. Carson in today's edition of The Midland Daily News... page A-7..... in which Dr. Carson explains the effects of dioxin in the dioxin study, by the Michigan Department of Community Health, of 25 people living in our area. Please read it! It should dispel much of the hysteria produced by local environmental wackos and other individuals giving out little pieces of information on the subject. I cannot find this article on the internet version of Midland Daily News, but as soon as I have a copy, I will share it with our readers on TRVoice.

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