Saturday, October 23, 2004

Junk Science Judo Short Course

Know how I'm always saying, "...define the problem"? Here it is, plain & simple:
'The Scientific Method is the result of centuries of human learning, from Copernicus to Einstein. The scientific method isn't "rocket science". It's just the simple and common process of trial and error. A hypothesis is tested until it is credible enough to be labeled a "theory"--an elevated status in science indicating the best known explanation of some phenomenon. A theory that is confirmed may be further elevated to the status of fact or scientific "law".'
Quoted from: Junk Science Judo Short Course ...a good how-to on sorting truth and fiction. You know, the dioxin controversy has been going on for years... and the only actual problem to date... choracne!

Even credible scientists aren't 100% sure about effects on individuals, but one thing is sure; living in a bubble is not the cure-all answer! Perhaps some of us are more vulnerable to dioxin just as some of us are more vulnerable to other substances we encounter every day, everywhere. Someday, some way, sound science might come up with more answers about dioxin... meanwhile I don't want to live in a bubble!

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