Monday, August 29, 2005

Wirtz/Moolenaar Frontpage Interview

Residents should be allowed process - Midland Daily News, 08/28/05, Editorial Page. This editorial contains an excerpt from Frontpage, a TV show that can be viewed on Midland Community Television tonight at 7:30 pm and Wednesday at 1:30 pm. Ralph E. Wirtz, managing editor for the Midland Daily News interviewed Congressman John Moolenaar, discussing the 'homeowner's rights' legislation recently passed in the Michigan House of Representatives and currently being proposed in the Michigan Senate. I'm guessing it was taped prior to the House vote.

You know... what really amazes me is that there are people who question the simple honest statements made by Congressman Moolenaar, but pay absolutely NO attention whatsoever to the bold-faced untruths presented to us by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Do you realize that the MDEQ, because of their POWER, has designated approximately 400 residential properties along the Tittabawassee River floodplain 'facilities' based on a few actual soil samples? Ooops! Sorry! Mr. Steve Chester says my home (among the 400) is not 'designated' a 'facility' - it just 'IS' a facility based on 'rules.' Who made the rules? Mr. Chester says legislators made the rules. Who changed the rules? Our Michigan legislators are trying to, but now Mr. Chester has changed the rule! Well he didn't actually 'change' the rule... according to him he just 'explained' it better.

I am still waiting for an explanation as to how the MDEQ can sample a few residential yards and claim ALL yards in similar flood situations are contaminated. I am still wondering why Mr. Chester can say 400 residential properties are 'facilities of Dow' - especially after the Director of the Midland Department of Public Health, Mike Krecek, has pointed out that, at least in the MDCH human exposure study, MDEQ is wrong 34% of the time!

Meanwhile, I'm also looking for a 'pocket of disease' in this neighborhood full of 'facilities' that are not designated but just 'are' facilities! With a super power like MDEQ, who needs a justice system?

Watch out folks... the MDEQ may visit your backyard next! Maybe they will decide your backyard 'is' a 'facility' for some arbitrary assumption they conjure up.

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