Friday, July 23, 2004

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Addendum to 'Where's the Beach?' - Where's the wildlife? We saw one bird during our little tour of Bay City... this poor little ragtag gull! At the 'beach' or whatever all that grass & weeds is..... we heard nary a bird! Here in my dioxin-laden backyard I have a constant melody of birds in concert! Bunnies, chipmunks live here in abundance and yes, even an occasional groundhog or skunk will amble by. When I mow, I sometimes have to slow down to let a little garden snake wriggle past the mower before I can continue. Sometimes when it's cooler an occasional little frog ambles by. At the 'beach' - nada... nothing... zero... no sounds... no wildlife..... no tourists! Ah Lone Tree... and MDEQ..... and all the rest of your environmental extremist buddies..... you should be PROUD!!!

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