Saturday, July 10, 2004

I just updated our Links Page. Been kind of busy the past few days and neglected checking my online Midland Daily News! Wow! Talk about lopsided news reporting. All I had about results from the wildlife study was a bare-bones article in the Saginaw News. You must read Kathie Marchlewski's article... it is more complete!

Furthermore, Kathie has two articles in the July 8 newspaper... 'Facility' label out of DEQ's hands and Dioxin misperceptions. I have only this to say about MDEQ... It must be great to have so much power!!! First you make the rules, then you say you can't change the rules because it is the law! Even though the law was promulgated by legislature it was at DEQ's recommendation. Nobody and no body of government should have so much power. Think about it. Wouldn't it be 'fun' if you were playing a game... one in which you made the rules? Then, everytime it looks like your opponent might win, you just change the rules? Then when your opponent wants you to change the rules back, you can tell them you are just following the rules?

Do you realize how much POWER MDEQ really has!!!??? Do you realize how strongly MDEQ is influenced by the environmental extremist lobbyists?

DEQ has 'responsibility' (translate - control) over all wetlands in Michigan. Drive through Michigan... wetlands abound! Not only that, MDEQ makes their own decisions (not rules) about use of those wetlands. If they want to build some grand bureaucratic edifice in low-lying areas, it's okay! They just give a permit.. get lots of dirt moved in to dry it out..... and voila! Another Michigan government building. Drive U.S.10 past Baldwin and see for your self!!!

But if children want to expand their soccer field and they happen to live in a well-to-do town like Midland, their plans and work are put on hold!!! Oh yeah! There has to be a ditch running into it somewhere!!! Okay folks, here's a suggestion. Let's get rid of MDEQ and expand the Department of Natural Resources! Just a thought.

Back to the dioxin issue... here's another letter to the editor... , Is dioxin dangerous?... this one in the Midland paper. Keep 'em coming people!!! We're not going to let the prima donna of all bureaucrats, MDEQ, get us down!!!

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