Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Oh if only I could... see no, hear no, I would speak no... but alas I DO see, I DO hear, therefore I MUST speak!!! Yesterday I was in the supermarket.  The cashier told us she no longer admires Governor Granholm. I asked her why. She recently went to a funeral in St. Charles where they were burying a hero of the war on terror. Governor Jenny was there complete with all her photographers! She walked into the front door with cameras clicking.... then quickly exited another door. Photo-op over! Appearance is everything, right Guv?

I have written two letters to Ms. Granholm concerning this local dioxin situation and guess what!!!? I received a letter from her... along with a whole lot of other people..... a form letter I might add. The only thing I learned from the form letter... she didn't read it! She even got my name wrong! But by gosh, she KNOWs the name of Michelle Herd Rhetoric!!!

You are aware, aren't you, that Ms. Granholm is Canadian by birth, applying for U.S. citizenship after graduation from high school.  She wanted to be an actress and ended up proving her acting prowess as Governor of Michigan.

You are aware, aren't you, the Canadians as a group do NOT like us! Their current fiasco is to allow Al Jazeera on Canadian television!!!

"Al Jazeera, the Middle Eastern Arab propaganda television station has been granted a licence to broadcast in Canada on Cable and Satellite television by the CRTC (The Federal watchdog for communication in Canada). Both issues are outrageous!"  
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What IS Ms. Granholm's motivation anyway? She prances before the cameras, goes on a 15 minute bike ride (for the camera), takes a boat ride through our wildlife preserves, proclaims cool cities, but meets in private with environmentalist extremists... treating them as equal to our elected representatives. Could it be she is still a closet Canadian?

Later.... a discussion about the Tides Foundation. I only yesterday learned about this wonderful organization that funds all sorts of environmental extremist wackos!!! Have you ever heard of Ruckus?

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