Thursday, July 01, 2004

What I Saw at the June 29 Tittabawassee Township Dioxin
Committee Meeting...

  • Expectation... from residents hoping for the
    committee's decision on a resolution to recommend to the township board....
    from Len Heinzman who worked on and read River Voice's
    proposed resolution for township board acceptance.

  • Curiosity... from residents attendees to learn
    for themselves about the workings of the dioxin committee and perhaps learn
    a bit more about citizen group involvement on the dioxin issue.

  • Anger... from residents representing the
    environmental extremist group Lonetree, because they thought they had their
    angry anti-Dow agenda all wrapped up until River Voice formed
    to represent the majority of floodplain residents... from one citizen who is
    just angry because he thinks the dioxin issue has grown out of proportion,
    pitting neighbor against neighbor!

  • Fear... from residents who don't know what to
    believe anymore and some who believe the extremist propaganda and are
    genuinely afraid of Dow Chemical, wondering what other bad stuff the company
    is putting into our river.

  • Frustration... from a resident whose business
    depends to a great extent on tourism. Even though the portion of her farm
    used for tours by school children is NOT in the floodplain, school
    administrators are afraid to conduct tours at her farm just because of
    proximity! Ms. Granholm, are you listening?

  • Deception... a litigant against Dow, claiming he
    is a scientist, does not want the words 'sound science' to be used. He also
    read off a whole string of prepared and frequently used 'information' from
    environmental extremists in an attempt to mislead those of us who believe in
    sound science.

  • Rigidity... Environmental extremists refuse to
    budge in their thought, verbiage or attitude.

  • Decision... A dioxin committee member who wants
    the committee to actually make a decision and stick by it.

  • Indecision... Confusion on the part of the
    committee chair and his supporters. They really want to please their environmental extremist
    buddies, including some members of the Tittabawassee Township board, but
    need to justify why over 95% of the homeowners, in contiguous proximity,
    all signed
    the River Voice's petition to approve the
    resolution as written by Len Heinzman.

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