Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Summertime... perfect occurrence to complete another rewarding weekend at the lake! I swear this fellow spotted me down on earth with my camera in hand and flew by to give us a closer look!  Posted by Hello
Had lots of catching up to do yesterday. Lots of news... visit the Links page for news articles from the weekend.
Kudos to the editor of The Saginaw News! The July 18th issue printed a great editorial urging people to become involved in the dioxin blood study when Dr. Garabrant's troops come knocking on our doors.  My apologies for having to show you a picture of the editorial... it was not included in MLive's version of the News.

I, for one, hope I'm home when they stop by and I pray I will be among the 'chosen' when actual testing begins! I've spent many many years of gardening and mowing on the floodplain part of our property and sure would like to know, once and for all, how, and if, living with 'all that dioxin' for 45+ years has affected my health. To my knowledge... and my doctor's... so far I have no ill effects from living here.

...and for the extremist environmentalists who say they can't trust Dr. Garabrant because he's being 'paid by Dow'... quality control oversight will be conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  Much of the work will be done locally, using our local organizations for collecting samples.

Dr. Garabrant, we are ready for you!

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