Saturday, April 09, 2005

and now The Saginaw News...

...okay, I just got around to reading the Friday & Saturday issues. Jeremiah's been busy with the dioxin fiasco again with yesterday's article... Tainted land salable - Entrepreneur: I will buy out willing sellers, followed up quickly with the Saturday morning edition and two more articles:
  • Lawmakers: Floodplain designation improper - Hooray for our lawmakers. At least these people know who writes their paychecks. The MDEQ (whose paychecks are paid by residents also) has declared all residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain guilty, with neither judge nor jury... and with no proof on an individual basis. We are all guilty of having tainted soil because of sporadic soil sampling in our neighborhood.
  • ...and here is a follow-up to yesterday's article about Dr. Shaheen's offer to buy up all our property. Although the headline writer says, Some residents who live along river are skeptical of Shaheen's offer, Jeremiah interviewed a variety of residents with varying viewpoints about the offer. I must admit Dr. Shaheen presents a tantalizing offer. Hmmmmmm!

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