Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Roaches or Pesticides...

...Something to ask Ms. Birnbaum this evening when she gives her speech at Swan Valley High School at 6:30 pm.

It's enough to cause anybody truly interested in the environment... and humanity... to climb the walls! The new EPA decided to do a study on children in Duval County in Florida... Jacksonville.. because Florida is one of a few states where pesticides are used indoors to rid homes of indoor pests. The study would last two years. Nothing would change in their lives or households... just continuing use of pesticides. The only difference would be testing the children for any ill effects. If ill effects were detected the EPA would notify parents and take remedial action. Imagine that! Why not observe effects of people already living in the environment EPA wants to study?

This study was cancelled - April 8, 2005. Statement by Stephen L. Johnson, Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Along came national environmental extremist organizations and whammo! ... articles like this.....Acting EPA Chief Withdraws Controversial Pesticide Project

Gilbert Ross, M.D., ACSH, says it best in his editorial, Why Johnson Is Getting Stonewalled. Ross describes the stronghold taken, even at the national level, by environmental activists with a strong political agenda.

'The environmentalists' real gripe is somewhat less likely to be articulated in the media: these groups have fought against using human toxicity data tooth and nail because they know quite well that such data will show no evidence of harm to humans from the so-called "toxins" in our environment. Their dependence on the "Precautionary Principle," wherein a lack of data mandates excessive regulation out of "safety" concerns, would finally be shown to be misplaced.'

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