Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jeremiah's 'Take' on the Birnbaum Visit...

...just showed up in The Saginaw News..Expert: Food likely dioxin source. I can't understand why Michelle and Terry didn't have more to say, but I have one more observation - this one by my better half. Frank says he noticed Terry Miller, urging me to 'hurry up' when it was my turn to address Dr. Birnbaum with my question. This action was only seen when I was there. Does this mean 'they' are afraid of whatever 'I' might say? Good gosh, I hope so! Don't worry, environutz, I handed Dr. Birnbaum a letter I wrote earlier yesterday just to make sure she got the 'whole story' according to Shirley.
Will get MDN version out later. I have to transer it to my domain in order to share with y'all.

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