Thursday, April 07, 2005

'I know there's asparagus around here somewhere!'

photo of ducks swimming over my asparagus patch last week.

Shirley's 'take' on the MDEQ/Dow meeting yesterday in Midland? Here is what I saw:
  • No pickets! Did Ms. Rhetoric have other plans for the evening?
  • Respectable news journalists were present, pen in hand.
  • Local CBS cameraman made a fool of himself, obviously trying to prove why CBS is number 3 behind NBC and ABC.
  • One of the invited guests stated that the general public is too dumb to be interested in the dioxin situation. Then she expanded on it, urged on by a fellow across the table from her. These two people kept feeding on each other's concept that we need their help because they are superior beings. (Did they think that was why they were invited?)
  • The meeting was run more efficiently than the first one in which I was an invited guest. There was more time for input from the guests.
  • Our friend Bill Egerer read a piece of his prepared statement to Mr. Chester. Bill mentioned the stakeholders should have three things...
    • a property tax statement(indicating property ownership in the area)...
    • a local health related card (indicating patronage in local health care facilities)...
    • and a library card (indicating local quality of life).
  • Several very intelligent, well educated stakeholders in the audience with me... none of whom would even suggest that the general public is dumb! I was fortunate to talk with several gentlemen who know more about dioxin than any MDEQ scientist. Lookin' good, guys!... must be the hormesis effect of working with all that dioxin, eh?
  • A half dozen or so environmental extremists sans signs.
I walked away with a new logo... but the picture is still in my head...'My facility is 99.9999999% dioxin and other contaminants free!' Can you say that about your property?

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