Thursday, April 14, 2005

Did Dr. Birnbaum Give a Speech Yesterday?...

...WNEM TV5 was there, but I saw little to nothing about this event on TV, touted so broadly and proudly ahead of time by the Lone Tree Council and their little tribe of fear-mongering extremists. I went to Gary Henry's website to see what he had to say... nothing! What went wrong? Now I'll have to wait for The Saginaw News and Midland Daily News to read all about it. I know they were there, too, and are less concerned if the meeting doesn't necessarily run according to Michelle and her trainer's plan.

I attended this event with my husband and would guess there were probably about 150 more or less in attendance. I'd guess approximately half of the audience were from the 'skull and crossbones set' and the other half believe in sound science. What I saw...
  • no picket signs and only one of those 'classy' skull and crossbones t-shirts, worn by one of the greeters of all things!
  • least a dozen of the most brilliant scientists in the United States and beyond. Of course there were probably more, but those were all I could identify.
  • ..a woman who sounded scared to death of dioxin, obviously influenced by the enviros.
  • dioxin litigants and their sympathizers who were really upset with Dr. Birnbaum's answer to their questions about what kind of dioxin levels they should expect in their bodies because they live in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. Dr. B's answer was they should expect about the same as any population in the United States. Why? Because people everywhere get more dioxin from the food in their diets than they do from their surroundings.
  • ...a couple of people who experienced cancer in loved ones. They insist that there is 'a lot of cancer' in the floodplain area. One lady said 'I don't care. I don't believe her.' Yes, it sure looks that way when it happens to you and I am sorry for your pain. The truth is, however, according to Dr. Birnbaum, that your chance of getting cancer is 1 in 3 in the general U.S. population. If you live where I do that chance is increased by one per one thousand.
More later... after I get to read the newspapers. You'll probably see them first.


Anonymous said...

oh my god. you mean that lone tree brought someone in and they said the sky ISNT falling? this must not have been the spin lone tree was looking for. see the sag news story.

Shirley ;-) said...

Thank you, anonymous!!