Saturday, April 16, 2005

Was it a Threat?

...Do you know who the greeters were Thursday, April 13 at Swan Valley High School where Linda Birnbaum spoke? There was a guy wearing skull & crossbones T-shirt and a rather somber woman wearing a grey-striped dress (or blouse). Frank was talking with them as I headed toward the door that night so I spoke briefly with the woman before we left. She told me I should not 'brag about my good health in public.' It sounded like a threat to me.

Good gosh... why shouldn't I brag about my health? Some of us are genetically healthy; some aren't... and there are still more of the healthy variety... even (or should I say especially) in the Tittabawassee River floodplain.

Now to the real purpose of this blog...
  • About 50 Dow retirees were told there will be No Answers Soon at a retiree meeting Thursday afternoon.
  • The last of the four meetings for invited guests took place Thursday night in Bay City. Jeff Kart, environmental reporter for the Bay City Times reports: Call goes out for public input at dioxin meeting. Only 15 people showed up from the invitation list, which says something about how much the general population is really worried about the whole dioxin debacle... not much I think. However, according to the article, there were about 70 attendees in the audience! Lone Tree's Terry Miller talked Dow and DEQ into allowing questions from the general audience.
  • TV12's Matt Franklin was there and you can see that report (for a limited time) HERE.
  • One more item of interest, Ken Patrick reports in Paper Age, asking the question, 'Were we bamboozled by environmentalists?' Ya' gotta read it! It's just another example of environmentalists creating a pocket of unemployment with their special expertise in fear-mongering!

    Governor Granholm should pay attention to the economic damage caused by environmentalist extremists everywhere, since Michigan is running dead last as far as jobs are concerned. All the while she is running around passing out million dollar checks to 'improve' urban areas that just continue going downhill. Jennifer, it doesn't matter that you want to 'create' jobs yourself. You are killing more jobs than you could possibly create in Michigan. It's time to turn your eyes and ears from environmentalists and toward the real job-creating industries. Michigan already has too many on the payroll. But that's another story; another time and place.


Anonymous said...

Ah, have you ever seen a before and after picture of Viktor Yushchenko?

That guy was seriously messed up!

Is anyone seriously using this as an example of chemical safety?

Before and after pictures available here:

sherle said...

Yes we have... many times we've referred to his situation. The man was served megadoses of pure dioxin.. which exists only as an undesireable by-product. The dioxins we refer to... the ones enviro-extremists are using to frighten locals... exists in minute quantities sporadically over a fairly broad area... in the soil. You couldn't collect enough of it to do the kind of poisoning that occurred in Yuschenko.

Devour a big old-fashioned Porterhouse steak and you will have ingested more dioxin than you could by playing softball or having a picnic in a backyard along the Tittabawassee River floodplain.

Anonymous said...

what do you think of chester declining to say that dioxin is harmful, or a health concern? do you think the enviro folks are losing ground? seems like it. heck, look at the story on birnbaum that the sag news had. interested in your thoughts.
- anonymous lurker