Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Can you smell the Potpourri?...

..I read lots and sometimes save up items to share. Here are a few of the latest.
  • ...I keep running into something written by a guy in Ann Arbor. His article is titled 'Dow Chemical Buys Silence in Michigan.' In case you've seen it too, I want to share what I blogged about it at Lies and Untruths. My title is A Well-Funded Environut... I won't bore you with any more details here; just go there and read it.
  • Recently there was a letter to the editor of the Midland Daily News titled Why is the comparison needed?...written by Richard Maltboy. I have never seen such flawed logic anywhere. He wrote the letter criticizing Dr. Reitz' Forum article about the Dow/DEQ framework and a need to wait and consider results of the U of M study of effects of environmental dioxin on the human body. Here are direct quotes forming his opinion:
    • "...it is a fact that the Saginaw Valley has the highest concentration of dioxin in the state." Jeepers! Did this guy do his own independent study on the subject? Nobody else can make that claim. It appears to be an out and out LIE!
    • "...is believed by many that dioxin can cause cancer..."etc. This one is an assumption... a false one I might add.
    • "So why the need for a population comparison analysis?" one LIE and one ASSUMPTION equals a (false) CONCLUSION.
    It is a FACT that there are more oranges in Michigan than anywhere else. It is BELIEVED by many that oranges could cause cold sores. I say, ABOLISH oranges from the state of Michigan!!! Mr. Maltboy's letter of attack on Dr. Reitz' Forum article makes as much sense as my statement on oranges. No wonder mistruths keep surfacing. Enough scare-mongering Maltboy! Stick to what you do best - criticizing religous believers.
  • This week attendees received notes from the first community focus group on dioxin. Here's the pdf file of those compiled notes - http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents/deq-whm-dioxin-notes.pdf You might want to bookmark the following DEQ webpage where the other three will also be listed when they are published... http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3307_29693_21234-115743--,00.html
  • ...just read an article in the Detroit Free Press : Developer plans to build houses on disputed property I've not met Mr. Rapanos but I sure do respect his go-att-it-ude toward protecting his property... and doing what he wants with it!
You are invited to the big Freeland Walleye Festival and it's even bigger community-wide rummage sale.
April 29-May 1, 2005
photo of the walleye festival flags in downtown Freeland

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