Tuesday, April 19, 2005

...Of Scientists and Disgruntled Wannabe's...

..Seeking illumination in a cloudy landscape - is the headline for the Sunday April 17, 2005 forum, written by Midland's own esteemed Dr. Richard H. Reitz. In this article Dr. Reitz explains the Toxic Equivalent (TEQ) methodology now being used to explain the complicated manner in which dioxins are being measured, as dictated by the U.S. EPA. Please read Dr. Reitz' excellent article.

We all know dioxins are bad. The fact is that some dioxins are worse than others. By combining all the various types (or congeners) of dioxins, the government agency confounds the fact of dioxins in backyards along the Tittabawassee River floodplain. During some of the studies already done, it has been determined that the dioxins measured here are a vast array of congeners. By using the government method of measurement, the actual dangers in our area are most likely less than indicated.

Now... about this Linhard person, who wrote a reader opinion lambasting the Midland Daily News for 'favoring' readers who do not believe there is a problem caused by dioxins in our soil. He is a disgruntled ex-Dow employee. He has cobbled together a variety of information from the inception of The Dow Chemical Company and put it together in a website. Most of his stuff is historical, as he 'exposes' how Dow traditionally contaminated the local landscape. He is apparently unaware of the past 25-30 years of Dow's clean-up efforts and adherence to state and national standards. This week I received, in my snailmail box, a 'newsletter' from this person who is now located in North Carolina! I resent this intrusion and recommend that any and all of us receiving such garbage do not open it. Mark the thing 'Return to Sender' and put it back in your mailbox.

Where all the 'sick people' anyway?

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