Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dr. Reitz on Reality of MDEQ/Dow Framework...

Dr. Richard Reitz, toxicologist and dioxin expert, expressed his concerns about the framework in the April 3 Midland Daily News. Some of Dr. Reitz' concerns are:
"Throughout the agreement, MDEQ remains committed to a clean-up criterion of 90 ppt dioxin equivalents. Nowhere is there any discussion of relaxing the clean-up criterion to the ATSDR action level of 1,000 ppt dioxin equivalents."

"Priority 1 sites were selected because MDEQ presumed that they exceeded 1,000 ppt dioxin equivalents."

"...even just presumed to exceed the MDEQ residential direct contact criterion of 90 ppt will be designated a facility."

"My background as a scientist tells me that these insoluble, nonvolatile, tightly bound molecules cannot be as readily absorbed as MDEQ "guesstimates" suggest."
Dr. Reitz is representative of the many highly respected, world-reknowned scientists residing in Midland. If only the MDEQ had a few scientists of his caliber within their ranks, the hysteria of environmental extremist groups would not be tolerated. Perhaps it's time for Governor Granholm to replace a few political leaders of the agency with real scientists.

Another note of interest in Sunday's papers... the Saginaw News editorial supports dredging of the Saginaw River by the Army Corps of Engineers. It's about time logic and common sense enter into these pressing environmental and economic decisions...
River dredging: Time to move Sunday, April 03, 2005 Editorial.

Don't forget... today at 6:30 pm... Midland Holiday Inn..... MDEQ and Dow Chemical listen to Midland stakeholders concerns and ideas about the framework and beyond.

A big thank you to my friend, Ed Stroiwos, for your photos of the 1986 flood! You will find them HERE... and on our blogroll list.

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