Saturday, May 21, 2005

Common Sense will prevail... suggested in the Saginaw News today.
Photo by Melanie Sochan and article by Jeremiah Stettler: Army Corps checks soil at proposed dredging site Soil has already been checked once - 80 feet of impenetrable clay was previously measured. I suppose the reason it's being redone is because environutz filed a lawsuit to stop dredging of the Saginaw River. I guess any delay tactic will do. It seems to be what they do best.

Just a reminder, whenever those people try to stop progress, it costs the taxpayers money. That would be you & me! Unlike you and me, most of them are being paid by more environutz for causing trouble and delays.

The Rhetoric/Miller organization proudly announced to the Saginaw News last week - Lone Tree files suit to block dredge plan - that their lawsuit to delay the Army Corps of Engineers Saginaw River dredging project was supported by the National Wildlife Association. Be careful where your donations go because you end up supporting extremism like theirs! We supported them for years, even subscribed to their Ranger Rick magazine for the grandkids. Never again.
Happily mowing & gardening in the floodplain...

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