Monday, May 16, 2005

Latest Data - Dow Cleans Up the Air...

..according to an article in the Saturday, May 14 Midland Daily News - Amount of toxic chemicals in air, water, land declines... Why MDEQ's 'latest data' is from 2003 is beyond me, since they are constantly on Dow's tail, but that only speaks to the subject of getting things done by a bureaucracy, I guess.

Dow has newer data however. The article includes information from Dow:
[Dow in 2004 reported a global reduction of persistent bioaccumilative and toxic chemicals emissions of 81 percent since 1994 and a nearly 50 percent reduction in chemical emissions overall. "We were very proud of this progress," said David Graham, vice president for environment, health and safety. "We've been a major contributor to this success across the nation and the world."]
Dow had their annual stockholders meeting last week. No, I wasn't there but I guess a few bedraggled looking people dressed in black & white skull & crossbones t-shirts showed up. See Locals protest Dow meeting For those who don't want to sign in to read it, here's a sample:
["Oh, look, a blue BMW," said Betty Damore as she stood on the front lawn of the Midland Center for the Arts.]
Another remark, even more inane:
["This is the third year of known contamination on the Tittabawasee River," said Damore. "And we’re not seeing a drive for remediation."]
???!!???? Are these environutz in a time warp or what?

Shirley neighbors are healthy TOO!

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