Thursday, May 26, 2005

More on the Homeowners' Rights Legislation Hearing...

...Three things today... well, maybe... let's make that four!
  • There was not enough time for Dr. Varner's Testimony... during the hearing. I guess the hearing could have been twice as long, but then, I'm sure our legislators have a busy agenda. Please take the time to read Dr. Varner's insightful viewpoint on why he supports the proposed homeowners' rights legislation.
  • My written testimony...I'm glad I wrote it because my time was short. Thankfully I had already decided to ad lib because of testimony I heard prior to my spot. This took much less time than if I had read what I wrote.
  • The Midland Daily News article... about the hearing, written by Kathie Marchlewski, was unbiased but I think just a tad too sympathetic to the antagonists' viewpoint. If you read this you will see I had an opportunity to respond to the article online.
  • Since our property is on the 'Priority 1' list, which assumes we have dioxin in our yard, it was our pleasure to be visited by a representative of AKT Peerless Environmental Services. Annette Lucas, Environmental Engineer, visited us to fulfill the requirement by MDEQ that Dow Chemical provide interim remedies to 'protect us and our family' from dioxin, even though we don't even know if there is any in our yard... well anyway, not any beyond the furans created by our numerous after-flood cleanup fires. All I have to say at this time on the subject of 'cleanup' is... MDEQ decreed it. Dow Chemical is complying. I do not know if there is dioxin in my backyard. Furthermore, I don't care! It has had no effect on me, my children, or my granchildren. I don't believe all the scare tactics created by the Luddites and fear-mongering extremists who brought this plight to my backyard. Annette is business-like and non-threatening. She gives no opinions and does no judging. Welcome her into your home, as so many of us already have, and let her do her job. You will read more about this as my experience as a 'priority one' residential property owner unfolds.

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