Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dioxin in perspective...

Can you count to 1 thousand? How about 1 million... 1 billion... okay go for a trillion! Just add a few zeros, right? The Midland Daily News today printed an article by another real down-to-earth scientist explaining another way to look at those part per trillion numbers... The ppm ppb, ppt, dioxin dilemma by Dr. Norman Skelly.

I would say Dr. Skelly has forgotten more about dioxin than all the environmental extremists in the world have ever known... I would say that but I can't because, well... Dr. Skelly doesn't forget anything! He has a photographic memory, so I guess I'll just have to say he knows more about dioxin than all those extremist wackos will ever know! I think it's time we all stop throwing around all those ppt's and teq's and get real. Read Dr. Skelly's article. He will put it all in perspective for you.

Okey dokey kiddies... start counting... No! Not by 10's... by 1's!

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