Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dioxin Matters Matter in Saginaw Valley...

.. so says Bill Egerer in this Midland Daily News article. I'm sure glad Bill told me this was printed in Sunday's paper because it is not available in the online version.

Bill is a 'stakeholder' because he lives in Midland and cares about his community's economy and health. That is why he founded Midland Matters a year ago when the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality decided to add Midland residences to their list of 'facilities.' It might appear he was successful... MDEQ did not actually call Midland homes facilities... but three areas were defined 'priority one' in the Interim Response plan.

Read what Bill has to say. Think about it. Aren't you tired of non-residents' involvement in the dioxin debacle? It started with Lone Tree (non-residents - what Bill defined as nongovernmental organizations [NGOs]). Then the local NGOs invited in their friends from the bigger cities in Michigan... and others from further away!!! Bottom line: These NGOs are mostly composed of environmental extremist fanatics with one line and one goal.

They are well trained by other environutz to stick to their party line at all costs. They do not vary. They do not compromise. They do not listen or accept reality; they terrorize others. They hypothesize. They create chaos and artificial problems. They terrorize residents, hoping they will believe their pseudo-science. They take facts and twist them into their own reality, surreal as it is
Still healthy and smiling (yes, and kicking if you will) on the Tittabawassee River floodplain
... Shirley Salas.

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