Wednesday, May 25, 2005

That's us... Len & I... testimony at the committee hearing for 'homeowners' rights' legislation.

What a fantastic feeling it is to have our legislators... the people we elected to represent us.. actually listen to our plight about being dubbed guilty, with neither judge nor jury, by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Pray the legislation will be approved by both Houses of our Michigan government, and the Governor. At last our legislators know who the real stakeholders are in this dioxin fiasco and are aware that non-governmental organizations, who are self-appointed 'representatives of the people' do not really represent most of us! I am currently putting together an album of photos of this, my latest visit to Lansing. Miss Farrah (sp?) this album is for you too!. Brimming with information, I'll be back with more about this meeting.

I did not read my written testimony but went 'ad lib' because it just seemed right. I will print Bill's, Len's and my testimony asap. Our friend Doctor Neill Varner was there with his lovely wife, but was unable to testify due to time restrictions. I will print his testimony here as well.

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