Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lots of News...

..includes this article in yesterday's Midland Daily News announcing Hearing on dioxin facility bill set for Tuesday. I read this article online and, as usual with such articles, a couple of environmentally extreme pot-stirrers dropped off their lengthy dissertations on the issue. Since I prefer not wasting my personally paid for cyberspace with their blather, I will just tell you how I responded to them... as follows:
To name deleted & Kathy Henry - Victims? What victims? WE at Tittabawassee River Voice are victims of Lone Tree Council and friends who decided to make a dioxin sandwich - MDEQ on one side, Dow on the other, and residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain in the middle! Where are the sick people? Where are the dead people? We are pretty much sick & dying at the same rate - or lower - than people in other parts of the U.S.

The current 'law' was never written to persecute residential property owners - was never written to condemn us all as guilty without a judge or jury! My yard is NOT a toxic waste facility. If yours is, well, I'm sorry for you.

Popping over to the Saginaw News, today there was another letter to the editor from Richard Maltboy, not worth repeating here but it is primarily quotes from somebody else - not even his own original thoughts or words! What a waste of trees that is.

...a beautiful dock in our future. In the 'Your News' portion of Saginaw News was the following note of interest to us all.
photo by shirley, Festival Park work begins
Freeland Festival Park is closed for construction. Crews have begun an $875,000 makeover of the township park to beautify and provide a barrier against dioxin contamination in the soil. Dow Chemical Co. is footing the bill. The park is expected to reopen in August.

article pasted from:
photo by Shirley Salas

The husband & I stopped by Festival Park yesterday and shot a few photos. We plan to stop back soon for more photos but I might say right now, I really like what I'm seeing!

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