Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Remediation is happening... says the Saginaw News article - Dow uses white-glove test... Crews cleaning up property along Tittabawassee River, reported by Jeremiah Stettler. According to Brian Eggers of AKT Peerless Environmental Services, 75 appointments have been set up with residents to date, about 17%.

I cannot say absolutely about anybody else but, as one of the resident families in a 'priority one' area of the Tittabawassee River floodplain, my husband and I have not yet contacted AKT Peerless per instruction in their cover letter.

Just being on 'the list' has put us in an uncertain position.
  • Both of us are as healthy or healthier than many people our age, here or elsewhere.
  • We both cleaned up the flood debris in our back yard as soon as we could get down there after the flood.
  • I've already mowed once... and should get out there again - I'm waiting for a warmer day!
  • We have no air ducts to be cleaned because we heat with hot water and solar.
  • We've cleaned house since the last flood.
  • We have no vendetta with Dow Chemical... don't have a need to 'get them'...
  • We do not believe any small residual of dioxin presents a danger to us, our children or grandchildren.
Even over 1,000 ppt is a small amount! Can YOU visualize 1,000 parts of dioxin in a trillion parts of soil? Furthermore, to my knowledge, there is no dioxin in my backyard that wasn't caused by our endeavors... burning springtime debris from upstream of us during annual floods.

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